YMS is under new ownership

YMS is under new ownership

As of the 1st of Feb 2020, Ysterplaat Medical Supplies CC was sold to YMS Medical Supplies Pty Ltd. The new owners are Khaya Gobinca and Anton Gillis. Both have vast experience in both public and private healthcare.

The great news is that it’s simply a change in name and ownership. Our loyal team remains, including the legendary Mrs Tucker.

Should you require our new company documents, please email sandy@yms.co.za

We look forward to working with you!

Philips Lumify Ultra-Portable Ultrasound – Now available!

Philips Lumify Ultra-Portable Ultrasound – Now available!

YMS has just received pricing for the incredible Philips Lumify Ultra-Portable Ultrasound.

It is supplied with a 60 month conditional warranty (which excludes physical damage).

We are supplying the 1st batch of available units at extremely reduced prices which will be supplied on a 1st ordered 1st supplied basis.

YMS can offer a tailored solution according to your needs eg:

1. What size Android Tablet do you require

2. What preferred brand of Android Tablet is required

3. How many Lumify probes are required

4. Is carry case required

5. What type of carry case is required eg: soft or hard

EMAIL info@yms.co.za FOR A QUOTE NOW

Three Lumify transducers are available:

Philips S4-1 Phased Array Transducer (4-1 MHz) for cardiac, FAST, and OB/GYN imaging

Philips L12-4 Linear Array Transducer (12-4 MHz) for MSK, soft tissue, superficial, and vascular imaging

Philips C5-2 Curved Convex Array Transducer (5-2 MHz) for abdominal and OB/GYN imaging

Please note that Apple does not support Lumify at this time.

Links to Philips Lumify Ultra-Portable Ultrasound: (Product bundles seen in these links are not available in South Africa)

Link to Lumify

Link to Lumify options

Link to Lumify



Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine Conference

22-25 March 2018

Book your ticket for an exciting new event hosted by the badEM (Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine) team. Come glamp [glamorous camp] with us at an outdoor, boutique medical conference festival like you have never experienced before & have Brave African Discussions in Emergency Medicine with us! Meet, network & learn from colleagues all around the world. The conference will combine a mix of traditional talks and fun, sociable, small group activities.

Direct link to #badEMfest18

New Medicines Regulator for South Africa

New Medicines Regulator for South Africa

Government has signed the Medicines and Related Substances Amendment Act (2008) marking the official existence of the much-anticipated SAHPRA.

The body is now in preparation to officially take over operations from the Medicines Control Council (MCC).

According to CEO of Pharma Dynamics, Erik Roos, SAHPRA could usher in a new and much more effective era for the local pharmaceutical sector as the MCC has struggled to cope with the volume of applications for new medicines and clinical trials.

“SAHPRA’s new structure will follow a similar model to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in that it will be more independent than the MCC,” said Roos.

“Another benefit is that it will only be partly funded by government with approximately 70% of funds coming from industry bodies. This will not only enhance the entity’s ability to attract and retain the necessary skills and resources it requires to function optimally, but is critical to its success,” continued Roos.

Based on industry figures, registering new products with the MCC took on average three to five years and can exceed seven years. The pharmaceutical sector is hopeful that the new body will streamline processes to effectively deal with the backlog of registrations and to fast-track the approval of essential medicines, which has long been overdue.

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Patient safety – making it count

Patient safety – making it count

Frans van Houten – CEO at Royal Philips NV

I’ve just keynoted at the 5th Annual World Patient Safety, Science & Technology Summit in California. Other speakers included former US president Bill Clinton; former VP Joe Biden and UK Health Minister Jeremy Hunt. Great to participate with to a terrifically well-informed and passionate audience. Here’s a synopsis of my remarks.

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Which countries are the best – and least – prepared for tomorrow’s health threats?

Which countries are the best – and least – prepared for tomorrow’s health threats?

One of the greatest achievements of modern times – the overall global advance of public health – is struggling. Around the world, healthcare systems are under strain as populations swell and grow older, helped by the extension of sanitation and medical services, as well as breakthroughs in technology and disease treatment. Emerging markets, such as China, South Africa and Brazil, are reacting to these challenges by adopting connected care technology to help “leapfrog” more advanced countries.

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