YMS installs additional Philips MRx Telemedicine Server offering selected clients worldwide connectivity

YMS has installed an additional Philips MRx server for clients that cannot justify the investment and/or do not have the expertise to install & maintain their own MRx Telemedicine servers.The server is housed in a temperature controlled server room with intelligent battery backup & power generator backup.This server is separate to our existing MRx servers that we currently have installed & maintain for key clients of ours.Access to the new server is available from within South Africa & from any location worldwide with internet connectivity.The server can receive Philips MRx 12 lead ECG data as well as full Philips MRx PCDT (Periodic Clinical Data Transmission) of alarms, trigger events, trends & all wave forms.Philips MRx defibrillators require an internal Philips MRx Bluetooth module or a Philips MRx WiFi/GSM module to be able to transmit data.The Philips MRx offers clients a tried & tested Telemedicine solution in the EMS environment & has a solid track record spanning many years.It is the most affordable platform to install & maintain.A monthly fee payable annually in advance might be applicable. Pricing varies according to the quantity of units per service.ADDITIONAL COMPREHENSIVE INFORMATION IS AVAILABLE ON REQUEST.mrx-telemedicine-amrx-telemedicine-bmrx-telemedicine-1mrx-telemedicine-2mrx-telemedicine-3mrx-telemedicine-4mrx-telemedicine-5mrx-telemedicine-6