CTG7 Fetal/Maternal Monitor

Reliable monitoring for fetus and mother



[ig_row width=”boxed” r_class=”none” t_class=”none” background=”none” relative=”no” video_b=”no” border_width_value_=”0″ border_style=”solid” border_color=”#000″ div_padding_top=”30″ div_padding_right=”30″ div_padding_bottom=”30″ div_padding_left=”30″ ][ig_column span=”span12″][ig_text]The CTG7 Fetal/Maternal Monitor provides reliable monitoring for both mother and fetus during the antepartum and intrapartum  periods. It provides integrated monitoring of fetal heart rates, uterine activity and fetal movement, along with maternal ECG/HR, NIBP and SpO2/PR. The compact design and adjustable display allows monitoring in a variety of clinical situations. The monitor is portable so it can be moved easily from patient to patient either using the integrated handle or mounted on a roll stand.

Probe storage is conveniently handled with the integrated probe holder, providing a more organized and tidy work space. The optional security lock can be used to secure the monitor to a fixed location.

The integrated recorder allows patient data to be recorded during each case, while the trend review for selected patients allows cases to be conveniently documented at the end of the day.[/ig_text][/ig_column][/ig_row]

Additional information


Big number display with FHR signal strength indicator and FHR sound source indicator.


Screen layout adjusts according to the parameters confgured.


Alarm LED and highlighted alarm message area attract clinician's attention to any situation.


Twin fetus monitoring optional.


Twin fetus monitoring optional.

7” TFT color display

7” TFT color display, can be fixed at any angle from 0-90°.

Integrated probe

Integrated probe holder for easy transducer storage.

Handle and thermal recorder

Integrated handle and 150 mm thermal recorder

Fetal waker

Optional fetal waker device to stimulate the sleeping fetus resulting in a more accurate fetal heart rate.

Ultrasound and Transducers

IPX8 rated Ultrasound and TOCO transducers with 9 crystals

Trend view and printing

72 hours of trend review and printing for a selected patient

SpO2/Pulse Rate and NIBP monitoring

Optional Maternal SpO2/Pulse Rate and NIBP monitoring with display of SpO2 waveform

Maternal ECG/HR monitoring

Optional Maternal ECG/HR monitoring with display of MECG waveform and ability to print the MECG waveform

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