Goldway G60

G60 Modular Patient Monitor

Reliable, Flexible, Affordable

Modules sold separately

Product Description

  • Plug-and-play modular design provides patient care flexibility
  • 12.1″ colour TFT display
  • Maximum 8 waveform display
  • 7-lead ECG or 12-lead ECG simultaneous display
  • ST and arrhythmia analysis
  • Hemodynamic, Oxygenation, Ventilation, Drug Dose Calculations
  • OxyCRG dynamic trend display
  • Bed-to-bed view
  • Applications from neonate to adult
  • LAN networking capability to UT4800 central monitoring system

Additional Information

Built In Handle

Convenient for portability

Alarm LED

3-grade color-coded visual alarms

Multiple Module Slots

Five module slots accommodate the measurement modules required for the most acuity levels.

Color Screen

12.1 color TFT display with 8 waveform channels, easy for wide angle viewing

Function Buttons

For quick access to key functions

Navigation Wheel

For easy input of information and screen navigation


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