Respironics Respironics AF531

The AF531 provides patient comfort and simplifies delivery of noninvasive ventilation (NIV). With easy fitting, flexible use, and several unique treatment options, the AF531 is ideal for patients and clinicians.

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Comfortable seal minimizes facial pressure

The AF531 oro-nasal mask can minimize facial pressure while maintaining a good seal.

Four-point headgear with CapStrap for easy, comfortable fit

The wide, comfortable straps of the headgear have easy-to-use snap-close side clips. This makes it easy to remove and reapply the mask after the initial fitting. The CapStrap makes the initial fitting quick and easy and allows the mask to flip up. It makes routine patient care easy and provides a secure, comfortable fit.

Adaptable to multiple ventilators

You can adapt one mask to multiple ventilators with interchangeable elbows.

Rotating elbow connection for flexible tube positioning

The elbow that connects to the ventilator tubing can be rotated. This prevents the tubing from pulling on the mask, making the mask more comfortable to wear.

Capstrap feature

The AF531 with Capstrap headgear provides an excellent fit and simple reapplication.

Wide range of elbow options for flexible treatment

The AF531 can be equipped with a range of specially designed elbows, due to its integrated elbow hub. Philips Respironics offers elbows for a variety of ventilator systems, with and without entrainment valve, and two special elbow types. This way, you can give patients the treatment they need without needing to switch masks.