Thomas The Narc Box™

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Digital Entry Narcotics Box with Tattletale Technology
Narcotic and controlled substance security is one of the key challenges facing the EMS and Fire Industries. Balancing maximum controlled substance security, with quick access to these medications in critical patient response scenarios is a necessity.

Full color resistive touch screen and encrypted USB entry system.

Completely field programmable, with storage capacity of up to 10,000 unique PIN Codes and 100,000 unique events.

The Narc Box™ can be programmed to require either single person touchscreen entry or dual person access through the touchscreen and the USB Flash Drive system.
The NarcBox™ also features a USB flash drive override for emergency bypass entry if needed.

Traceability / Accountability
Detailed time and date stamped information for each access. The detailed access information is transmitted via WIFI to the Narc Box™ secured server and available for download or viewing immediately from any internet enabled computer throughout the world